During the year or so that it has been around, members of the fanclub have changed because of it. This page discusses how various members have changed.


Was an Eusine fangirl when she joined. Really hated the male gender in general.

Now an even worse Eusine fangirl and hates guys even more thanks to the delightful boys here. Well done, FC. : )

King GalladeEdit

Was VERY shy, had the self - esteem and confidence of a grain of sand. Didn't fanboy anybody. Also was a perv.

Now, he isn't shy, has more self - esteem, though still not much, fanboys Blue(girl), and his perverted level reached the height of the Empire State Building. *shot*


Was shy and had low self esteem. She didn't like Yaoi at all and barely had any confindence in herself.

Now she isn't that shy and loves Yaoi! Somewhat perverted now and has a bit more confindence.

EmphaticPikachu (Pika-Pika-Red)Edit

Overall, he hasn't changed much. He's still the same guy...Just much more open about it. Like for example, if you were too question him about being a girl, before AND after...The reaction is a lot more expressant. If you had teased him about it before, he would of gotten embarrased and asked "why me ;-;." unless you were in the same situation as him (Then he would of given a response similar to what he gives now). Now however...You'd get no such thing. Somehow, in his 3-4 years on the FC, he's become very...confident and open about everything. Litterally half the stuff you knew him from before, would be gone and non-exsistant. Yet, somehow, he's still the same person. He's just so much more upfront about it. Maturity does so much ya know? ^-^;...

Perhaps the change of username to "Emphatic" proves this change, it means a person who is clear and/or presice, knows what he wants. (It can also mean forcful... or just plain out he/she likes to emphasize on things, but lets stick with one definition shall we? XD)