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Ice Steps(Official name: Pokemon Mystery Dungeons:Ice Steps) is a completed fanfic created by user King Gallade. The premise is based on the Pokemon spin-off franchise Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, and takes place WAAAAY up in the sky, on an un-named floating continent inhabited by just pokemon. The story follows the adventures of several humans-mysteriously-turned-pokemon, embarking on their new lives as a Rescue Team.

Ice Steps is by far the most successful fanfic of its kind, lasting 150+ pages, and rapidly spawning several spin-offs, including a sequel, which was met with much new enthusiasm.

Its success is said to be credited to the few but dedicated posters who regularly brought back the thread back from the emo-pile with fresh ideas. 12/12/2009: It's been one year since the original thread was posted!! (12/12/2009) Yayy.

OC Characters Edit

(In order of appearance)

Humans-turned pokemon:Edit

Gallade (Growlithe)

Ruu (Buneary)

Opal (Vulpix>Ninetales)

Shay (Togepi>Togetic>Togekiss)

Cakei (Shiny Buneary)

Yellow (Ekans)

Lunar (Pichu>Pikachu>Raichu)

Melo (Munchlax)

Residents of the pokemon world:Edit

Anty (Gardevoir)

Lily (Ekans)

Leo (Shiny) Eevee>Umbreon)

Stryder (Lucario)

Villains/afflinated with villains:Edit










Rotom (Yellow's pokemon)

Pyro (Typhlosion, Lunar's pokemon)

Plot Edit

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