The most popular pairings for the characters of "Pokemon Special", within the FC. Meaning, ships that are popular only within members of the FC and not people outside the FC.

These seem to include:

-PreciousMetalShipping (Gold x Silver)

-OriginalShipping/MangaPalletShipping (Red x Green/Blue [boy])

-Luckyshipping (Red X Blue/Green [girl])

-PoliShipping (Gold x Red)

-SpecialShipping( Red x Yellow )

-FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire )

-AmberShipping ( Gold x Yellow ) Hell Yeaaahhh!!

-CommonerShipping (Diamond x Platinum)

-Scarfshipping (Diamond x Platinum x Pearl )

-OldRivalShipping (Green/Blue (boy) x Blue/Green (girl) )