Project Legends: Reboot is a fan fiction and role-play thread created by Cloudhopper. It mainly revolves around the Pokémon franchise, and around a cast of children who possess the powers of a specific Legendary.

It was based off of a different version created by Virawl, and another incarnation of it has also been created at the forums in Serebii. There is also an OOC thread for discussion outside the story.

This page provides a synopsis of the plot and lists all of the characters involved in an effort to give the writers a clear understanding of what has occurred and avoid continuity mistakes, both in plot and in character. As well, it is hoped that a better understanding of the abundance of unresolved narratives that can be picked up will inspire old writers and new readers alike to take up their figurative pen.



Without one, the other will fall apart.

Without love, there cannot be hate.

Without light, there cannot be darkness.

And that is why, everything--down to the last pebble and Pokemon-- is.

Oh Lords Reshiram and Zekrom; Were you perhaps foolish to try and fix what was perhaps, not broken?

Balance, is a delicate thing.

The Original One had tamed Time and Space.

The universe was--at last in perfect harmony.

One marveled at it. It was taken by its beauty. So taken; that It had desired to lay thyself among the starry blankets, and rest...

And so One did. Or at least, tried. For an aching pain took over It, and One had begun to cry, cry, cry...

And from One, came Three Beings.

And thus, Spirit was created. One saw over his new children, as Emotion, Willpower, and Knowledge was brought together with being. And One's pains disappeared.

One day, One visited the beings, and saw them in great discomfort.

<Why are you shaking?> Benevolent One asked.

<We are cold, oh great One.> The beings responded.

And so, out of the kindness and warmth of One's vast heart, came a glowing plate of red light. It bestowed this upon the beings. And thus, fire was created.

One came back the next day. The beings crowded around him, thankful for the warmth of fire.

<Why are your bodies so wrinkled and red?> Benevolent One asked.

<We are (dry)thirsty, oh great One.> The beings responded.

And so, out of the tears of the pitying One, came a glowing plate of blue light. And thus, water was created.

And for sixteen days, it continued. One had one gift on each day, and the beings were happy.

But it could not last. The beings fought among themselves for the gifts, and eventually, two new beings were borne-- Human and Monster.

The Monsters' knowledge pushed them to learn the secrets of One's gifts, and learned to control them. Their emotions, corrupted and strengthened by their willpower, became cruelty. Many slew Humans, and became hungry for the true strength of One's gifts.

Upon hearing this, One fell into a deep rage. The skies he gifted were torn apart, and left to fall on the corrupt monsters, and so on.

After sixteen days of destruction, only the purest of Monsters and Humans were left alive. One was then tormented by fear, for those beings could easily turn on him too. It fell into a deep, deep depression....

But One not bear to destroy them.

It punished the most powerful of the remaining monsters. They were made unavailable to act upon their own urges, and served One. And thus, the Mirage Beings were created.

At last, Yin and Yang were called upon. The Two married the two beings: Monster and Human. The monsters no longer could hold back the humans. And yet, they couldn't be held back either. One had decided to create this new being from Mirage Beings and the Purest of Humans-- the young. For One was hurt. It had feared that Human too, would one day betray him...

And thus, the legendary children were created.

Details on Legendary ChildrenEdit

  • There are one legendary child per each "legendary" that currently exists in the Pokémon franchise
  • The legendary children are not the biological offspring of the Legendary, though most Legendary do take a parental role towards their respective "children"
  • Each legendary child possesses powers and attributes reminiscent of their respective Legendaries
  • The powers of a legendary child are not set in stone; that is, they can be, and often are, trained
  • If a legendary child dies, their power is passed on to a new baby
    • As such, it is assumed that at all times, a legendary child of each legendary must exist
    • As well, it is assumed that the baby will be born at the moment of the legendary child's death
  • However, if a legendary child is killed by someone, that person inherits the legendary child's powers
  • Some legendary children were pushed out of their spot by newer ones, though revived - the explanation for this is as of yet unclear


The BeginningEdit

The story begins with Mari playing the piano in Castelia, before deciding to take a walk in the city, ready to escape from her bodyguards. Unknowingly, she is followed by Meloetta. Elesa and Skyla also enter the city proper, searching for a legendary child. They find Mari about two seconds before Meloetta reveals herself to her child. Mari accepts the Gym Leaders' explanation of a "legendary child", immediately asks if she has powers now, and obediently follows Elesa and Skyla.

Rawr in Lilycove is getting yelled at by Scarlet, who was shopping, before he catches sight of a Mirage Pokémon. Intrigued, he leaps off the roof, frightening Scarlet, and gives pursuit on a Togekiss. This forces Scarlet to call out her Flygon to chase after him in turn. As Rawr nears the Pokémon, he realizes that it is a legendary - Rayquaza. What's more, Rayquaza is leading him to Sootopolis, in Hoenn, where the confrontation between Groudon and Kyogre is taking place.

Tim is swimming in Sootopolis' lake when it starts raining. When he watches the rain from his house, he reminisces that the strangely heavy rain reminds him of the time Kyogre was awakened. Wallace, from his gym, realizes from the very same rain that the child of Kyogre is there, and has awakened the Legendary itself.

Mon is wandering in Floaroma, until he catches sight of Shaymin being chased by a muscular man and a slender women. The Shaymin jumps on Mon's head, and the two immediately assume he is a legendary child, resorting to using an Ariados and a Magmortar to force him to come along. Mon responds with a Musharna and Samurott, proceeding to dominate the battle until the woman commands her Ariados to use Spider Web on Mon, capturing him and dragging him away. At that moment, Gardenia comes across the battle, led by the Gracedia flower reacting to Shaymin, which turns Shaymin into its Sky Forme. Shaymin frees Mon with an Air Slash, and Gardenia defeats the Ariados with a Roserade, forcing the villains to retreat. Mon learns about his legendary child status, and follows Gardenia, curious. Gardenia takes him all the way to Snowpoint City, where at the docks they meet Cynthia and Alex and Azelf. Alex is revealed to know no more about the situation than Mon does; he also displays some control over the willpower of others, silencing Mon with an order to "be quiet".

Hikari meets Crystal, a new resident, in Verdanturf. Hikari expresses distaste at Crystal as she points out various buildings in Verdanturf (three owned by couples, one by a widow, one by "annoying people with an annoying baby", one by a crazy old man with a knife, a couple with six kids who participate in contests, and her own house). In return, Crystal attempts to introduce herself but forgets her name. A moment later, she "reinvents" herself with the name of Crystal "Lightblade"; though Hikari scoffs, her father happens to calls out to her at that moment, accidentally consolidating the false name. They are then attacked by a middle-aged woman from the WPO, who had searched for them across regions. She challenges them to a battle with Empoleon and Dragonite, and then calls for a helicopter backup. Crystal suddenly produces from water in her hands, while Hikari pushes the distracted woman into the helicopter, and the woman retreats.

Two days later, after Pryce and Jasmine enter enter the town while searching for legendary children, Hikari and Crystal attract their attention. They interact for a moment before an unusually ditzy Jasmine pulls Pryce away, leaving Hikari and Crystal to go on a walk. Into a forest in which they find themselves very quickly lost, until they find a shining Pokémon that's rather irritated at Crystal. This Pokémon turns out to be Suicune, who chases after Crystal, who flees with Hikari as far as Mauville City. Suicune ascertains that Crystal is really its ordering her to burn down a building to see if she's stupid enough to actually do it. Suicune then tries to persuade Crystal to go with him, and is just starting to use mental attacks to force her to concede, reasoning she needs discipline. It is then that Hikari also receives a mental message, presumably from Jirachi, asking for help.

In Veilstone City, Yellow is trying to sleep when he hears a voice in his head. Startled, he unsuccessfully tries to find its source, rousing his three Rotoms, before the voice forces him into unconsciousness. The next morning, when he wakes up, the voice is immediately back and near-forces him to a nervous breakdown.

Soul has just moved to Verdanturf Town(?) from Johto, and is hatin' it. He later meets Entei and senses Suicune's child in danger before hopping onto Entei's back and running off to help.

In Sinnoh, Roark drives through Route 218 to Canalave on a jeep with reckless abandon, utterly terrifying his three passengers Ren, Ken, and Lucy Tamashi.

Abiel, one of the generic trainers in Opelucid City's gym, tardily reports for duty only to be promptly kicked by Iris. After work, the gym closes and Abiel's group leaves for a restaurant, which is when an unlucky lightning strike damages their building, in turn destroying their pizza. Two hours later, after cleaning and filing a report for the police, he encounters an Axew and a Haxorus, the latter which knocks him out. He wakes up chained and lying in front of a table with a bowl in which a black stone sits, something Abiel describes aloud as having electricity and life within. Iris, followed by Drayden a few minutes later, then strolls into the room with a smile, triumphant and convinced that she found Zekrom's child. Drayden then drags Abiel with him, telling Iris he'll be back in a week and going to the most suitable location to awaken Zekrom.

At Stark Mountain, Bronze, looking for someone, is struggling through a cavern in the process of being destroyed. He does not quite make it before his surroundings finally burst.

Nin finds a Sandshrew and brings it home to Sprout Tower, where her grandfather is the elder. That night, Raikou arrives.

Heart creates just a tad of havoc in Castelia, walking into the middle of the busiest road, startling drivers, and then proceeds to provoke them while feigning ignorance and ultimately defending herself with her Braviary. Her facade, however, is broken by a large man different from the rest. He approaches her, prompting Sol and his Kricketune to step out and attack. The man releases a Salamence however, which causes an even bigger riot and blows away the Kricketune. At this moment, Heart's Braviary comes back from terrorizing the more aggressive drivers, and she orders it to attack - resulting in a prompt KO for her Braviary. The mysterious man grabs Heart by her neck and lifts, and releases a Scizor also posed to decapitate Sol.

Copper reminisces about the night he was torn from his family. In the flashback, he chases after his brother before accidentally kicking aside a Ho-Oh plushie, which earns a slight scolding from Bronze. Suddenly, a fire bursts out in the kitchen and very quickly spreads to their entire house. Copper nearly asphyxiates before the timely arrival of Ho-Oh snatches him out of the house and into the sky. Back in the present, Copper is revealed to be back in Ecruteak, after a four-hour flight with Falkner and Winona.

Chris, on Route 13, releases his Aggron and rides towards someplace warmer.

In Ecruteak, Kim arrives home and tries to sneak to her room, aiming to avoid waking her ill-tempered father. Unfortunately, her father laid beer bottles on the floor for precisely the purpose of hampering Kim; when she steps on and breaks them, he wakes, and proceeds to attack Kim in an unusual fit of rage. Though Kim saves herself by hiding in her room, she is unable to endure her father any longer, and, with the urging of a new voice in her head, packs all of her belongings, including her Pokémon, and runs away that very day. Kim then talks with the voice, trying to reason out what it is. At Goldenrod Park, all she could figure out is that it's a one-of-a-kind silver Pokémon that could fly; the rest of her wits don't make it through to her through a filter of sleepiness.

Kishin tries to "start his storyline" in Lilicove, and is promptly derailed by his foster family and a timely e-mail. It turns out to be from Rin, and he converses with her via Facebook for a short time. Several days later, he wakes up in a hospital with Rin beside him; the last thing he remembers is Mike's birthday party. Rin reveals that there was an explosion, and implies that none of his foster family made it through. She also confides in Kishin that someone wants her "powers" - though Kishin immediately falls asleep.

In an unknown part of the world, Delilah and Genesect are resting. As a wind blows, Delilah grows cross at its strength and tries to rebuke it for trying to "steal their food", while Genesect playfully - though still appearing quite menacing - talks some sense into her. Their conversation reveals that the two are searching for Blaine; Genesect reasons that since Blaine created Mewtwo, his own reason for existing could be found with the man. Delilah wraps up their talk with a declaration that neither will feel uncertain again, then plops on to Genesect like it's a Rapidash, continuing their journey to Kanto.

Two days before Bronze's unfortunate trek through Stark Mountain, Tiffany wakes up and goes through her daily prayer at Ilex Shrine. She then mails a note to Bronze, in accordance to her dreams where Bronze goes to the Mountain, finds Heatran, and gets caught in the eruption thirty minutes later.

In Survival Area, Mara loiters at the Pokémart, bored out of her mind. When an older boy tries to flirt with her, she sweetly and affectionately uses her Xatu to restrain him and invade the deepest recesses of his mind, noting he hides insecurity behind his proud facade and deciding he isn't her type.

In Solaceon Town's Day Care, Aqua is vainly trying to free her former Shellder from the Slowbro's tail when an egg she had found in Fiore starts to hatch.

The StruggleEdit

Eager to awake before Groudon, Kyogre calls Tim down to the lake at the center of Sootopolis to prepare. Seeing this, Wallace hurries out and intercepts them. He starts explaining to them the concept of legendary children, which he believes Tim is, and tries to convince Tim to come with him when Adam interrupts. Adam's arrival heralds the sun from its cover, eliminating some of the gathered rainclouds. Recognizing Groudon's child, Kyogre growls and retreats.

With a growl himself, Groudon strolls out of the Cave of Origin and greets Adam and Wallace with a grin and a snarl respectively. Groudon charges forward into the lake, re-creating the encounter between Kyogre and Groudon before; half the sky pouring and the other half dazzling, half the lake dry yet the other half filled to the brim. Adam is torn between fleeing on his Pelipper or prompting Wallace to do something, but at that instant, Groudon speaks to Adam's mind and assumes control, as do Kyogre with Tim, forcing the two boys to fight each other with the Legendaries' own clash as the background.

Despite mentally and vocally arguing with their "parents", Tim and Adam are forced to wield their supernatural powers, such as hydrokinesis and earthquakes, against each other. Feeling pressured, Wallace calls in Cynthia.

Yellow leaves the Distortion World with Lily and arrives in the Cave of Origin, right in the middle of the clash between the two titans.

The MeetingEdit

The HuntEdit

The WanderingEdit

The StrikeEdit

List of CharactersEdit


Chris Dull (♂)
Age About 13 1st Pokémon Aggron
Home Town Lacunosa Town 2nd Pokémon Rhyperior
  • A joker
  • Cranky if lacks 12 hours of sleep
  • Becomes pressured and irrational in
    tandem with his Pokémon getting stressed
  • Loves to fight, hand-to-hand being a favorite
  • Gets mad over anything soda-related
3rd Pokémon Dusknoir
4th Pokémon Heatmor
5th Pokémon Braviary
6th Pokémon Snorlax

The legendary child of Kyurem.

Initially created by NintendoLugia.


Abiel Crinsid (♂)
Age 16 1st Pokémon Charizard
Home Town Opelucid City 2nd Pokémon Dragonite
  • Loves to eat anything in sight
  • Cocky with his own strength
  • Enjoys thunderstorms
    • This makes him think more clearly
  • Often goofing of with his Fire types
  • Berserks when rage when he sees no clouds in sky
    • Tends to rip stuff to shreds while berserk
3rd Pokémon Porygon-Z
4th Pokémon Gyarados
5th Pokémon Hippowdon
6th Pokémon Charizard (Shiny)

The legendary child of Zekrom.

Initially created by Raijuu6.


Mon (♂)
Age 18 1st Pokémon Musharna
Home Town Floaroma Town 2nd Pokémon Samurott
  • Creative
  • A bit silly
  • Smart
  • Shy at first
  • Lazy at times
  • Can be serious when necessary
3rd Pokémon Flygon
4th Pokémon Hitmontop
5th Pokémon Yanmega
6th Pokémon Chandelure
Musharna and Samurott vs Ariados and Magmortar
Win with help from Gardenia

The legendary child of Shaymin.

Initially created by Monster Guy.

Hates boredom. Mon would rather live in Goldenrod City, as "it has all kinds of stuff to do". Perhaps has a habit of walking around town intrinsically.

Mon is also rather miffed that all he can do is "grow flowers", in contrast to Alex's power over will.


Marianna "Mari" Vilum (♀)
Age 16 1st Pokémon Wigglytuff
Home Town Castelia City 2nd Pokémon Crobat
  • Flirtatious
  • Manipulative
  • Clever
  • Selfish
  • Spoiled
  • Has a kind and caring side somewhere deep down
3rd Pokémon Chatot
4th Pokémon Sawsbuck
5th Pokémon Breloom
6th Pokémon Jellicent

The legendary child of Meloetta.

Initially created by Monster Guy.

A natural piano player. Mari's father considers her like a porcelain doll, so when he is at work and she remain home he hires people to take care of her. Mari prefers big cities that always has something to do, as well as have their own "rhythm" that the countryside lacks.


Timothy "Tim" Wolfe (♂)
Age 16 1st Pokémon Castform
Home Town Sootopolis City 2nd Pokémon Rotom (Wash)
  • Kind-hearted
  • Caring
  • Well-mannered
  • Often gullible
    • This is due to his niceness
  • Shy
  • Frightening when mad
3rd Pokémon Swanna
4th Pokémon Cherrim
5th Pokémon Arcanine
6th Pokémon Vanilluxe

The legendary child of Kyogre.

Initially created by Monster Guy.


Yana (♀)
Age 12 1st Pokémon Charizard
Home Town Mistralton City 2nd Pokémon Jolteon
  • Usually nice
  • Has a bit of a dark side
  • Always tries to find a way to help
  • Energetic
  • Clever
3rd Pokémon Excadrill
4th Pokémon Carracosta
5th Pokémon Mightyena
6th Pokémon Lucario

The legendary child of Reshiram.

Initially created by ScaredMightyana.


Rawr G. (♂)
Age 13 1st Pokémon Quagsire
Home Town Lilycove City 2nd Pokémon Lucario
  • Mostly random
  • Sometimes intelligent
  • Funny
  • Creative
  • Serious when need be
3rd Pokémon Chandelure
4th Pokémon Togekiss
5th Pokémon Aerodactyl
6th Pokémon Dewott

The legendary child of Rayquaza.

Initially created by Virawl.

Loves the sunrise, and seems to spend time on the roof of his house to watch. Rawr wears a hoodie.


Scarlet Levi (♀)
Age 13 1st Pokémon Mienshao
Home Town Canalave City 2nd Pokémon Espeon
  • Bossy
  • Manipulative
  • Spoiled
  • Smart
  • Kind-hearted (deep, deep down)
3rd Pokémon Reuniclus
4th Pokémon Rapidash
5th Pokémon Kingdra
6th Pokémon Flygon

The legendary child of Cresselia.

Initially created by Virawl.

Annoyed by her friend Rawr. Scarlet and her family, with the exception of her deceased mother, recently moved to Lilycove City as her father, who works for a company she does not know, is on a business trip. She hates the time zone difference forcing her to wake "early".

Scarlet is the one who keeps the duo out of trouble. This is usually accomplished using her father's influence and wealth.


Bronze (♂)
Age 13-14 1st Pokémon Aggron
Home Town Survival Area 2nd Pokémon Rhyperior
  • Calm
  • Quiet
  • Protective
  • Cunning
  • Aggresive
3rd Pokémon Rotom
4th Pokémon Cofagrigus
5th Pokémon Haxorus
6th Pokémon Feraligatr

The legendary child of Heatran.

Initially created by Virawl.


Copper (♂)
Age 11-12 1st Pokémon Bisharp
Home Town Ecruteak 2nd Pokémon Blaziken
  • Calm
  • Shy
  • Passive
  • Kind
  • Courageous
3rd Pokémon Zoroark
4th Pokémon Porygon-Z
5th Pokémon Salamence
6th Pokémon Breloom

The legendary child of Ho-Oh.

Initially created by Virawl.

Was very close to his elder brother Bronze. After he survived the fire, he lived in Rustboro until he was brought back to Ecruteak.


Hikari (♀)
Age 12 1st Pokémon Chatot
Home Town Verdanturf Town 2nd Pokémon
  • Multiple personality that changes every two days
    • Kind and caring
    • Annoyed easily
    • Crazy
    • Quiet
3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon
Chatot vs Empoleon
Loss by inaction

The legendary child of Jirachi.

Initally created by ☆HikariDawn.

Hikari's personality (and to a degree, her appearance) alternates, sometimes kind, sometimes annoyed easily, sometimes crazy, and sometimes quiet.


Crystal (♀)
Age 14 1st Pokémon Gorebyss
Home Town Goldenrod City 2nd Pokémon
  • Scatterbrained
  • Shy
  • Cries easily
  • Weak
3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon
Gorebyss vs Dragonite

The legendary child of Suicune.

Initally created by ☆HikariDawn.

Moved to Verdanturf Town. Crystal appears to participate in Pokémon contests, though she is weak-willed enough that, under pressure from Hikari, she temporarily forgets her name.

Originally listed as a male.

Crystal's appearances: normal and happy.


Yellow Kiironaga (♂)
Age 13 1/2 1st Pokémon Rotom
Home Town Veilstone City 2nd Pokémon Rotom (Alfonso)
  • Usually calm
  • Can be ticked off easily, especially with his Pokémon
  • Sarcastic when irritated
  • Irritated often
3rd Pokémon Rotom (Goatee Guy, "GG")
4th Pokémon Sableye (♂)
5th Pokémon Mismagius (♀)
6th Pokémon Litwick (Mo, ♂)
Also has a Drifblim (♂) and a Frillish (♀), despite the usual limit on 6 Pokémon at a time. As well, a Haunter (♂) stalks him.

The legendary child of Giratina.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

Fond of sending a Shadow Ball to in the face of whoever made him mad. Yellow has medium-length black hair and a pale complexion, even though he goes outside often. His name was derived from the color of his eyes. He usually wears a black T-shirt, black jogging shorts or jeans, and an orange, Rotom-patterned baseball cap or a black fedora; whichever one he's not wearing goes into his yellow backpack. Yellow occasionally wears an orange, unzipped, Rotom-pattern hoodie.

Yellow was actually born in Valor Lakefront. He also tends to leave his Rotoms outside their Pokéball.

Yellow eventually learns to be able to talk to Ghost-type Pokémon, and open portals to and from the Distortion World, albeit not being too good with that yet. He is also able to use the move Shadow Force, though more easily if he has a shadow as a medium to pass through.


Lily Kiiroaikouka (♀)
Age 13 1/2 1st Pokémon Aipom (♂)
Home Town Celestic Town 2nd Pokémon Roselia (♂)
  • Unsure of her power
3rd Pokémon Zangoose (♂)
4th Pokémon Seviper (♀)
5th Pokémon Swablu (♀)
6th Pokémon Stunky (♂)
The Roselia supposedly calls himself "Joseph "Joe" Dewier Roselia".

The legendary child of Arceus.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

Rather enigmatic. Lily has violet eyes, long, curly, brown hair, and a lily adorning her right ear. Her wardrobe mostly has T-shirts, tank tops, and jeans, all in some shade of purple. She has a gold locket attached to a chain hanging from her neck; inside it is a picture of Arceus and a picture of Yellow. Also hanging from her neck are necklaces with small, colorful shards; she starts with only a few but eventually gains all sixteen, one color for each of the corresponding Pokémon type.

Lily's power centers around the move Judgement; its type changes and its power increases whenever she uses one of the shards hanging around her neck. Without a shard Judgement is a Normal-type attack. Additionally, her demeanor and appearance changes slightly, such as her eyes' color changing to match the type, and she gains additional powers of the type whenever she uses a specific shard. Although she has various powers, the strength of them are not strong in comparison to other legendary children with similar powers.


Adán "Adam" Terrano (♂)
Age 14 1/2 1st Pokémon Pelipper (♂)
Home Town Sootopolis City 2nd Pokémon Camerupt (♀)
  • Generally hates water, aside from drinking it and taking a shower
  • Loves to lay in the sun reading or playing video games
3rd Pokémon Vibrava (♂)
4th Pokémon Torkoal (♂)
5th Pokémon Slugma (♂)
6th Pokémon Wynaut (♀)

The legendary child of Groudon.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

Prefers fire-, ground-, or rock-type Pokémon, though he has a soft spot for Wingulls and Pelippers, his first Pokémon and method of transportation. Adam has shoulder length fiery-red hair, styled differently each day with a recurring theme on dreadlocks. Adam has yellow-orange eyes and tanned skin. He usually wears an orange T-shirt with the logo of his favorite band, "The Total Madness Brothers", on the back, along with any running shorts that are not blue, pink, or purple.

Because of his attributed legendary, Adam irrationally dislikes Tim almost to the point of hatred. Adam can control the earth and sunlight.

As his name suggest, Adam's language is tinged with Spanish.


Yukishii Nakamura (♀)
Age 15 1st Pokémon Sneasel (♂)
Home Town Snowpoint City 2nd Pokémon Medicham (♂)
  • Silent-reflection type
  • Can plan things out for years in advance
    • Often has more than one plan for this reason
  • Impressive memory, not just for books but for people as well
  • A reputation for being a clairvoyant
  • Seems kind, caring, sweet, and "so nice she wouldn't hurt a fly"
  • In reality can care less about anyone besides her and her family
  • Uses status condition in battle to intentionally make her opponents suffer
3rd Pokémon Snorunt (♂)
4th Pokémon Smoochum (♀)
5th Pokémon Jynx (♀)
6th Pokémon Chingling (♂)

The legendary child of Uxie.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

The only people who knows of her façade are her sisters, Kiyoshi and Natsumi. Yukishii has pale-blue eyes that are half-shut even when fully awake, and short blond hair, similar to Trucy Wright of the Ace Attorney series. She wears a headband with a red gem attached to it, and a pale blue/greyish long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket, and jeans. She always wears her brown, furry boots, even in the summer. Her usual outfit consists of a blue long-sleeved shirt, grey jeans and a sweater, and of course, her boots.


Isaiah Jattelik (♂)
Age 60 1st Pokémon Mamoswine
Home Town Snowpoint City 2nd Pokémon Magmortar
  • Despite looking weak, is superbly strong
  • Good-natured
  • Tries to make a joke or two in tense atmospheres
  • Can act serious when necessary
    • Especially in legendary child matters
  • Places emphasis on doing the right thing
    • Especially concerned about the younger generation on this
  • Enjoys cooking
  • Uses brute force, albeit with some sense of strategy
3rd Pokémon Electrivire
4th Pokémon Snorlax
5th Pokémon Bouffalant
6th Pokémon Braviary
Also has a Sentret (Chica) and a Vanillite.

The legendary "child" of Regigigas.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

Isn't just strong in Pokémon battles - at the age of ten he could lift a 87 lb Spheal above his head. Isaiah has close cropped black hair, and a large black walrus mustache, but both recently started to grey around the edges. He has black eyes, usually sparkling with humor, as well as laugh lines at the corners of his mouth. He looks scrawny, which leads to people underestimating him. Isaiah still wears his Ace Trainer outfit, the one designed for trainers in Snowpoint Gym, as well as black snow boots. He recently started bring other miscellaneous stuff, such as a small sports backpack for Pokéballs and cooking equipment and a walking staff placed inside a sheath.


Raymond "Ray" Darke (♂)
Age 15 1st Pokémon Zorua (Rua, ♀)
Home Town Canalave City 2nd Pokémon Scrafty (♂)
  • A jerk
  • Loves to hurt people
    • Prefers emotionally, though can do either
  • Rarely cares about anything
  • Shows nice side only to his Pokémon, mostly Rua
  • Loves music
  • Extremely sarcastic
  • Makes snarky comments whenever possible
3rd Pokémon Scraggy (♂)
4th Pokémon Liepard (♀)
5th Pokémon Deino (♂)
6th Pokémon Mandibuzz (♀)
Rua, or "Rua Zoru", usually takes the form of a human girl. See more below.

The Scraggy somehow became Scrafty's apprentice.

The legendary child of Darkrai.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

Classic schoolyard bully. Ray's hair is a black mop with read streaks in it, and he has light blue eyes and a cocky smile. He's broad-shouldered but otherwise thin. Ray usually wears a black T-shirt, a blood red jacket, torn blue jeans, and a white backpack that holds not only trainer essentials but also his saxophone, which is named Debra. Sometimes he just leaves the saxophone hanging from his neck by a strap. Lastly, he has dark sunglasses that he pulls off to act dramatic when he's about to talk to someone.

Ray lives in Nimbasa, though he travels around a lot. During this time, he earned a few badges.

Raymond can control nightmares, and gives anyone sleeping around him inside a 10 ft radius nightmares. Whatever is hit by his Dark Void is forced into eternal and nightmare-plauged sleep, unless 10 ft away from Ray. However, if they are brought back inside the radius the effect takes place again.


Rua Zoru (♀)
Age 4 (appears 14) 1st Pokémon
Home Town Illusion forest 2nd Pokémon
  • Displays emotion through facial expressions
  • Usually super-serious
  • Stays in human form around Ray
  • Seems to only smile around Ray
  • Has a crush on Ray
3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.

Stalked Ray for a while before eventually joining him. Rua, in her usual human form, has midback-length black hair with highlights, relatively small pupils, and usually wears a gray long-sleeved shirt and gray jeans, a black scarf, red fingerless gloves, red tennis shoes, and dark sunglasses (which are Blackglasses) that she pulls off dramatically just like Ray, something he persuaded her to do. In both her human and Pokémon forms, she has light blue eyes and a piercing on her right ear.

Rua, being a Pokémon, don't know much English, though she learned a few words like "yes", "no", and "Ray".

Rua's ability is Illusion, a trait carried by all Zorua and Zoroark. She is able to project an image of anything she wants over herself, though her piercing and blue eyes cannot be changed. She isn't actually changing shape, or changing the way she looks.


Victor Veg-Kcor (♂)
Age 17 1st Pokémon Conkeldurr (♂)
Home Town Pokémon League (Unova) 2nd Pokémon Pupitar (♂)
  • Confident
3rd Pokémon Machop (♂)
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Terrakion.

Initially created by Yel-kun. More on his user page.


Ken Tamashi (♂)
Age 14 1st Pokémon Galvantula
Home Town Twinleaf Town 2nd Pokémon Serperior
  • Hyperactive
  • Makes stupid jokes
  • Calm and caring to Pokémon
  • Adventurous
  • Wants to travel and see the world
  • Inseparable with a laptop and uses internet often
  • Kinda crazy
3rd Pokémon Samurott
4th Pokémon Emboar
5th Pokémon Braviary
6th Pokémon Krookodile

The legendary child of Dialga.

Initially created by Solemn Medley.


Renato "Ren" Tamashi (♂)
Age 17 1st Pokémon Tyranitar
Home Town Twinleaf Town 2nd Pokémon Scizor
  • Always quiet and calm
  • Introverted, with the exception of his siblings
  • Hates liars, hates villains and sadists even more
    • Acts with justice on such people
    • Though the feeling leads to rash decisions
  • Attentive to his Pokémon
  • Talented battler
  • Secretive
3rd Pokémon Flygon
4th Pokémon Gallade
5th Pokémon Swampert
6th Pokémon Drapion

The legendary child of Deoxys.

Initially created by Solemn Medley.


Luciana "Lucy" Tamashi (♀)
Age 13 1st Pokémon Gardevoir
Home Town Twinleaf Town 2nd Pokémon Cradily
  • Caring and straightforward
  • Hardly gets mad
  • Somewhat gullible
  • Know more about breeding than battling
  • More socialized than siblings
3rd Pokémon Blastoise
4th Pokémon Blaziken
5th Pokémon Spiritomb
6th Pokémon Vespiquen

The legendary child of Palkia.

Initially created by Solemn Medley.


Kishin Misaki (♂)
Age 16 1st Pokémon
Home Town Unlisted 2nd Pokémon
  • Used to be relatively ordinary, no big ego
  • Hates Pokémon
3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Darkrai.

Initially created by TheBloodEdge.

His family was attacked by "some guy" with abnormal powers, eight years ago. Though Kishin survived and swore revenge, he got sent to an orphanage for three years. He is constantly smiling and tries to be nice to everyone, but when he loses his cool...

Kishin now lives with a foster mother, and has a stepbrother, Mike. Both are rather playfully intrusive, going on to his laptop and asking if he has a girlfriend, respectively. Kishin seems to react affectionate exasperation.


Soul (♂)
Age 13 1st Pokémon Togekiss
Home Town Ecruteak City 2nd Pokémon Feraligatr
  • Sarcastic
  • Sensitive
  • Calm
  • Easygoing
  • Sometime caring
3rd Pokémon Magby
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Entei.

Initially created by Cloudhopper.


Mara Amore (♀)
Age 15 1st Pokémon Xatu
Home Town Twinleaf Town 2nd Pokémon Medicham
  • Sassy
  • Flirt
  • Proud
  • Secretive
3rd Pokémon Kirlia
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Mesprit.

Initially created by Cloudhopper.

Apparently has no understanding of the concept "invasion of privacy". Mara is a girl who loves traveling, but has a plan that forces her to stay in the isolated Survival Area. Mara can use psychic powers to force her way into someone's mind and lay bare his or her secrets. She does this to check out whether someone is her type.


Grace-Heart LightClay (♀)
Age 14~15 1st Pokémon Braviary (Eagle)
Home Town Castelia City 2nd Pokémon Arcanine
  • Quickly changes moods
  • Is usually caring
3rd Pokémon Xatu
4th Pokémon Sigilyph
5th Pokémon Bouffalant
6th Pokémon Seviper

The legendary child of Virizion.

Initially created by .Silver.Rose.

Looks like this. But wears two braids and has bangs so long, she keeps them in her hat. Hair sometimes gets messy.

Highly discontent with her life, Heart finds she easily hates people who can't take the time to be nice to her. She's also listless enough to walk into a road full of traffic unconcerned.


Rose Koi (♀)
Age 9 1st Pokémon Flygon
Home Town Castelia City 2nd Pokémon Hydreigon
  • Easily scared
  • But makes friends quickly
3rd Pokémon Druddigon
4th Pokémon Charizard
5th Pokémon Dragonite
6th Pokémon Gyarados

The legendary child of Keldeo.

Initially created by .Silver.Rose.

Looks like this.


Aricia Oboro (♀)
Age 15 1st Pokémon Seaking
Home Town Opelucid City 2nd Pokémon Gallade
  • So calm that looking at her makes you dizzy
  • Loves the flow and history of the world
3rd Pokémon Froslass
4th Pokémon Chingling
5th Pokémon Cherrim
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Terrakion.

Initially created by .Silver.Rose.

Looks like this.


Sol Koto (♂)
Age 16 1st Pokémon Bronzong
Home Town Mistralton City 2nd Pokémon Chimecho
  • Usually annoyed
  • Smart
3rd Pokémon Loudred
4th Pokémon Altaria
5th Pokémon Chatot
6th Pokémon Kricketune

The legendary child of Cobalion.

Initially created by .Silver.Rose.

Looks like this.


Alexander "Alex" Gray (♂)
Age 16 1st Pokémon Infernape
Home Town Pastoria City 2nd Pokémon Chatot
  • Stubborn
  • Impatient
  • A bit hyperactive
  • Hasty
  • Hot-tempered
  • Bossy
  • Can be a good leader when necessary
3rd Pokémon Floatzel
4th Pokémon Heracross
5th Pokémon Luxray
6th Pokémon Roserade

The legendary child of Azelf.

Initially created by Monster Guy.

Supposed to reflect the rival of Pokémon DPPt. Alex has some power over the will of others; if he verbalizes an order, it will be followed. He does not have control over this power yet.


Nin Roy (♀)
Age 15 1st Pokémon Azumarill
Home Town Violet City 2nd Pokémon Ninetails
  • Loner
  • Logical
  • Cold
  • Cunning
  • Somewhat considered a backstabber
  • Loves a challenge
  • Secretly kind-hearted
3rd Pokémon Ampharos
4th Pokémon Victreebel
5th Pokémon Bellossum
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Raikou.

Initially created by ★Midnight_Flare★.

Formerly known as Clementine.

A small town girl, Nin is the kind of person who often ponders. She questions the role of her grandfather, who gives out TMs to people who defeat him while he does not even fight all-out. She is indifferent to the other monks of Sprout Tower, who give her a mixture of respect and dislike, being only concerned about the evolution of her Sprout in regards to how much stronger it'll be.


Kim Tenrai (♀)
Age 13 1st Pokémon Riolu
Home Town Ecruteak City 2nd Pokémon Eevee
  • Shy girl
  • Split personalities
  • Hopes her darker personality will recede into her consciousness and stay there
  • Hats seeing/inflicting any kind of pain
3rd Pokémon Growlithe
4th Pokémon Feebas
5th Pokémon Abra
6th Pokémon Shroomish

The legendary child of Lugia.

Initially created by JuJuBeanz~.

Inept at battling, even with her more violent half. Kim juggles a life with no mother, drug addict of a father, and still trying to remain normal.

Her lifestyle breaks one day when she fails to sneak past her sleeping father; in an unusual fit of rage, he attacks her with beer bottles, forcing her to hide under her bed. That same day, she runs away from home.

Lugia, through their telepathic communication, acts as a confidant.

As her real family was so dysfunctional, Kim transfers her love to her Pokémon, seemingly to the point of dependency.


Rin Kihara (♀)
Age 15 1st Pokémon
Home Town 2nd Pokémon
Personality 3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Mew.

Initially created by TheBloodEdge.

Her father walked out when her mom had her, and her mother died giving birth to her. Rin lived with her grandmother until age four when her grandmother also died, which set off a family dispute amongst her relatives that ended up with her in an orphanage with no inheritance. Now she wants all humans dead, but she keeps it to herself. She crosses paths with Kishin but never talked before.


Delilah (♀)
Age 5 1st Pokémon
Home Town  ??? (Somewhere in Unova.) 2nd Pokémon
  • Imaginitive
  • Innocent
  • Easily fatigued
  • Bossy
  • Sometimes knowing
3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon

The legendary child of Genesect.

Initially created by Cloudhopper.

Acts completely her age. For example, when the wind blew on her food Delilah tried to use her hair ribbons to hit the wind.

Tiffany Oura (♀)
Age 9 - 10 1st Pokémon Pichu (Spiky Eared)
Home Town Azalea Town 2nd Pokémon Budew
  • Shy
  • Cute
  • Outdoors-ey
  • Hopeful
  • Sleepy
3rd Pokémon Spoink
4th Pokémon Polowag
5th Pokémon Oddish
6th Pokémon Numel

The legendary child of Celebi.

Initially created by Virawl.

Currently resides in a wooden cabin near Ilex Forest, with her grandmother. Tiffany is black-haired, and is prone to sporadically falling asleep, once even before she had a chance to change into pajamas. She also sees the future in her dreams, and made a habit of writing them down in her diary. Although they used to be mostly harmless visions, such as the next day's breakfast or the next Pokémon encounter, in recent months the dreams have become more intense, and Tiffany has made a point of not fighting what they show her.

Her family cares for the temple in Ilex Forest, and continues a tradition that includes morning prayers, though Tiffany's grandmother muses that the ritual may be lost in the coming generations.

Aquamarine "Aqua" Tsumi (♀)
Age ~5? 1st Pokémon Shellder (Shiny)
Home Town Summerland 2nd Pokémon


3rd Pokémon
4th Pokémon
5th Pokémon
6th Pokémon
Shellder had just helped evolve a Slowpoke into a Slowbro. It is unknown whose Pokémon this is.

The legendary child of Manaphy.

Initially created by Monster Guy.

A little girl. Aqua is from Fiore, and sent to live with her grandparents, Sinnoh's Day Care managers, while her parents are on a business trip. She has black pigtail braids and ocean blue eyes, and her usual outfit seems to be a blue dress.

Aqua found Manaphy's egg on a beach trip. It is currently in the process of hatching.