If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know~


Me on my good days

About me, ho zendroEdit

I am a hot crustacean male with a hot crustacean band, and I have three lovers, Proto Badger, Noct and France, they're all sexy bastards.

Just like me. In my spare time I like to argue with Noct (foreplay), play Ace Attorney (foreplay) and lust over France. Occasionally I read books too, usually consisting of smutty novellas, and sometimes hang out with my best friend Fatmano.

I also touch myself a lot BUT IT'S PERFECTLY HARMLESS FOR A YOUNG BOY. I AM NOT BLIND. IF I WERE BLIND I WOULD NOT LOOK AS FABULOUS AS I DO, AS YOU CAN SEE. Also my body likes it so there's nothing wrong with it.

Noctiepuss and I just looooooove to share our words of affection. I'm afraid I'm too 'rough' with him...

I also love to crossdress as a girl, because my delicate cherub Noctie likes it that way. We also perform fun BDSM when we're in the mood, but most of the time we just enjoy some sweet cuddling in front of the television. With our clothes off.

We're famous! Tehehehe. ~ Please click this link to see us!

My favorite websitesEdit

My loves <3Edit

I am very passionately in love with my boy/(badger)friends, Noct, the Proto Badger and darling France, so please KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THEM!!1! I will get very mad if you try to take them away from me!!!1

Noct is my favorite though, love you, my sweet little geranium cherub bunny xoxoxoxoxoxox

Photo Gallery of Me, Myself and I <3Edit

I keep getting kicked out of places and threatened with the police, so I have to keep a large wardrobe:

I am very handsome, am I not? Yes.

I HAVE UPDATED MY PHOTO GALLERY! You may now stare at my beautiful features even more. Gorgeous.